Señorita Can Be Fun For Anyone

Hombre 1: La razón por la que utilizamos el termino genocidio negro es debido al desproporcionado numero de abortos que tienen lugar dentro de ese grupo racial.

Sanson: Manuela, I just needed to inform you which i know this pressured cohabitation hasn't been easy on you. I realize that you And that i are usually not very best friends, but when it means anything to you, know you could count on me for anything at all.

Patty Becker: Qué pasaría si eligieras tener al bebe, dime ¿Como afectaría tu vida, que pensarían tus padres, con que apoyo contarías?. Luego tocamos el tema de la adopción, ¿Has pensado en la adopción?

Gonzalo: Yeah, we’re Alright with it. She doesn’t inquire about my affairs; I don’t talk to her about her enthusiasts, there won't be any problems, truly.

I've carried out Certainly nothing at all other that what I just mentioned. I are going to be shopping for them yet again for upcoming summertime.

El tipo que vino el otro día a vender hierbas medicinales me dijo que todo el que quiera aprender Kung Fu debe desarrollar una postura firme.

Sergio: Manuela, owing to your statement I used to be ready to get outside of jail, and I am seriously grateful, but I'm asking you to finish the favor and also to not go away me out on the street.

¿a qué colegio vas? what college do you visit?; esta carretera va a Huesca this road goes to Huesca; This is actually the highway to Huesca

Roosevelt: Perfectly don’t conquer on your own in The top anymore. Why don’t we go to the pool and mingle with Most people.

Narradora: Por ejemplo, en lo relativo a las leyes de implicación acquainted, hay 34 estados donde al menos uno de los padres debe ser notificado si su hija adolescente esta embarazada y pretende abortar.

Ortiz: There isn’t a single Sergio. If I were you, I’d be extra worried about the threats. Listen Sergio There are tons of people who could damage you.

Andrea: It’s not that Camilo, don’t declare that. It’s just that I didn´t know the way you were intending to respond And that i just had doubts.

Juliana: No, don’t why not try here you accuse my mom. It is actually me that is stating that you've ulterior motives concealed driving your wonderful gestures. But I'm gonna alert you, don’t mess with my sister, since If you're placing her up, or leaving her hanging at any stage, who’re likely to have to deal with me.

Las leyes federales establece severas penalidades tanto criminales como civiles por la reproducción, distribución o exhibición ilícita de content audiovisual protegido por derecho de autor. Para funciones privadas, prohibida la exhibición comercial de este film.

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